Post Tummy Tuck Skin Care Tips

Below you will find several ideas, recommendations, and tips that will help accelerate the recovery period of tummy tuck surgery. The focus of these will be on skin care and treatment. Your doctor will provide you specific details on postsurgical care. His/her objective will be to give you information about what you can expect after the […]


Breast Implant Placement:  Above or Below the Muscle Tissue

There is no right answer to this question.  Each body is different and the decision should be discussed at length with your surgeon.  The ultimate placement of the breast implant will depend primarily on the four factors below: 1.Breast implant type 2.Breast implant size 3.Health 4.Body Type Breast shape and appearance is a function of […]


What Exactly is Restylane and Its Applications?

Restylane is facial filler that is approved by the FDA and is a longer lasting product when compared to other competitive dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body and responsible for the volume and tension in the skin, and unfortunately, decreases as you age. Restylane will help the skin regain volume and […]


Life After Breast Implant Surgery

There are many questions that come up during pre and post breast surgery; it is to be expected and normal. Patients who are knowledgeable and well informed will not have any surprises during the breast implant procedure because he or she will know what will transpire and the surgical experience will be a success. Patients […]


Why Smoking and Plastic Surgery Don’t Mix

To attain the results you are seeking from plastic surgery, you must first eliminate those things in your life that could hinder the success of the procedure. Smoking can wreak havoc on your plastic surgery goals; the success of the surgery may dictate that you quit smoking ahead of your surgery. Ideally, doctors would prefer […]