Cosmetic Surgery Financing

We have competitive prices for not only US but Mexico. Please contact us for your specific questions and pricing. Also, please refer to our “latest offer” section for regular updated specials available.

In order to help you with the financing of the procedure we offer various financial options. The prices quoted on our web site are all-inclusive and include the surgery, anesthesia, prostheses and surgical center fees. We do not “nickel and dime” you with other costs, and we even include your routine postoperative care as part of the fee. We want our fees to be fair, understandable, and with no unpleasant surprises.

The EPS 90 day no credit check program allows the customer to make a purchase today, and offers that customer the opportunity to pay for the products or services over a 90 day period. The program is based on turning paper checks into guaranteed electronic debits from the customer’s checking account. This check conversion and guarantee program gives the customer the ability to receive the goods and services they need immediately, when qualifying for credit or paying up front may not be an option. The flexible payment plan allows the customer to make the purchase today, and pay for it over a maximum of a 90 day period.

Only 3 Requirements to Qualify Valid Checking Account

  • Valid Checking Account
  • Valid Driver’s License, State ID or Military ID
  • Proof of Employment

Dr. Talebzadeh and his staff will be happy to help you about payment options for your surgery. There are special savings and options available for you to get the cosmetic procedure you want. We also offer most major credit cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express).

Please contact our patient care coordinator at (619) 216-8000 for determining the best financing option for you.