Out of Town Patients

At Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery Center, out of town patients are welcome to enjoy the experience and benefit our cosmetic surgery center has to offer. Located in sunny San Diego, out of town patients also have the opportunity to experience beaches, restaurants, shopping, and other attractions during their visit. We are proud to offer out of town US and Mexico residents successful cosmetic surgery procedures at favorable prices.


Many of our patients are out of town patients that decide to travel to have cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Talebzadeh. We have a number of patients from Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico. From Tijuana, our clinic is a short drive from the US border. Please give us a call if you are an out of town patient so we may explain several steps including setting up a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Talebzadeh.


We have significant number of patients that travel from other states in US and the world to receive cosmetic surgery care. Dr. Talebzadeh and staff wish to help you make your travels easier.

The process for our out of town patients starts with consultation. We realize the face to face consult would be difficult with patients therefore we would like you to either email us or call us. We will send you the initial consultation information and ask you to send us pictures of the area of your concern. Once we have this information, then Dr. Talebzadeh will contact you by phone to ask you more information and let you ask questions that you may have. We can help facilitate your visit to San Diego. We are also able to provide information about After care services.

Following phone Consultation:

Following the phone consultation, Dr Talebzadeh will inform the treatment coordinator about the treatment plan. She will contact you and provide information about the fees and arrangements for your travel and needs.

Pre-operative medical workup:

Once we have planned your procedure, we will start your pre-operative laboratory work up in your hometown. This process may take 2-3 weeks prior to anticipated travel. We will also plan your post operative recovery in advance. We would like to take close care of our patients. We will plan to have you stay in sandiego, until we can make sure; you are well and can go home.

Dr. Talebzadeh will need to see you the day before your surgery for personal re-evaluation and review your procedure and answer all your questions prior to surgery.

The Following are resources that can help you make arrangements to visit us.


1. Omni Hotel San Diego
2. San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina
3. Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
4. Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
5. Horton Grand Hotel & Suites