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The Surgery, Procedure & Recovery

A breast reduction can offer many benefits to patients who are unhappy with the size of their large breasts. Sometimes neck and back pain or discomfort during exercise, can ensue from the excessive weight. Others may find themselves self-conscious or dissatisfied with the overall proportion of their breasts. Whatever the reason may be, San Diego cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh and his friendly team at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery provide the care and skill needed to help you feel good about your body again.

About Breast Reduction San Diego

Also referred to as breast mammoplasty, the breast reduction itself involves removing tissue, fat, and skin in order to reduce the size. Liposuction may also be used along with the procedure, or be the only needed technique to remove the excess fat.

The surgery can take several hours. To begin with, anesthesia is administered and then incisions are made at the decided upon area of the breast. After a portion of tissue is removed, the remaining tissue is reshaped and repositioned.

Breasts that face downward and are pendulous, may require nipple and areola repositioning as well. Lastly, incisions are closed with adhesives or sutures.

What to Expect During Recovery

Recovery time for breast reduction does vary from individual to individual. Generally for a few days following the surgery, patients feel mild pain and discomfort. Some bruising and swelling can last for a couple weeks, but around this time patients tend to be able to return to work and normal activities.

However, strenuous activity should still be avoided for roughly one month after the reduction. Additionally, wearing a supportive bra can help to ensure optimal healing progress. Overall, recovery time from a breast reduction can take up to or around 6 months.

When to Consider Breast Reduction

  • Have large breasts that cause shoulder, neck, or back pain or posture problems
  • Feel limited due to the discomfort caused by your breasts during exercise
  • Are experiencing disproportion with one breast being significantly larger than the other
  • Are self-conscious or dissatisfied with size & appearance

Reduce Size, Increase Confidence & Comfort

For many patients, a newfound sense of freedom and relief was found thanks to breast reduction surgery.If you are interested in this procedure, or have any questions, please contact our office today. With lighter breasts, you can get back to enjoying life, new clothes, and a new you.


quote-1I liked the confidence of the doctor and his staff when making the decision to undergo my procedure. I was very comfortable with my procedure and it was an excellent experience. Would recommend him to anyone! Thank youquote-2

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