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Welcome to the San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Center

At our San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Center we strive to give our patients honest recommendations and attentive care during cosmetic procedures and recovery care. As we all know, exercising, dieting, and sun protection help keep the body fit and healthy but there are thousands of people who need a little more attention to maintain their youthful look. Cosmetic surgery makes it possible for men and women to address problem areas for correction, such as the tummy, breasts, skin and face. With the help of a San Diego board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh sculpting your body with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery can make your dream body a reality.


Breast Enhancement Surgery

Women may realize that their breasts may have lost their firm and fullness after years of weight fluctuations, pregnancy, gravity and other elements that caused disappointing size and shape. Breast enhancement procedures including augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and nipple reconstruction are designed to reshape and restore the youthful appearance for every type of women.

Body Contouring Procedures

When it comes to weight, males and females are no different in their desire to maintain a trim and fit figure. Body contouring is recommended for patients who struggle to eliminate excess skin and fat in problem areas such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, back, and arms. San Diego’s top plastic surgeon will be glad to evaluate and assess the areas of your body that need attention from the likes of liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, or buttock lift.



Facial Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful face, there are a variety of areas that undergo custom cosmetic surgery. Facial wrinkles, droopy nasal structures and saggy eyelids affect everyone at one point in their lifetime, but with the proper facial cosmetic surgery every patient’s facial flaws can be addressed to keep their face naturally beautiful over time.

Finding the right procedure from the best plastic surgeon in San Diego is easy when you visit the Cosmetic Surgery Center. We have plenty of services to offer our clients, whether they are local natives or international patients. We find that patients can achieve the change they are interested in, a change that is not considered radical but simply rejuvenated and refined. Let us help you do just that at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in San Diego.

quote-1I liked the confidence of the doctor and his staff when making the decision to undergo my procedure. I was very comfortable with my procedure and it was an excellent experience. Would recommend him to anyone! Thank youquote-2

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