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9 Things to Remember Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

No matter how skilled a surgeon might be, it is normal to feel a flicker of anxiety prior to surgery – especially operations involving breast augmentation. Although the San Diego/Chula Vista plastic surgery field has a relatively high success rate, there are 9 essential things to remember before finally going under the knife.

1. Transport Arrangements

It is vital that you make arrangements with a close relative or friend to ferry you to and from the hospital. Patients are usually disallowed to drive back home after any breast augmentation procedure, so make sure you have mapped out your transport arrangements beforehand.

2. Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Meds

Although it’s tempting to pop a pill to squelch your throbbing headache, skip out on aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs at least a week before surgery. Follow the guidelines meted out by your surgeon carefully, and avoid any other listed drugs that might trigger complications after your surgery.

3. Avoid Smoking

It’s best to stamp out your nicotine habits at least a fortnight before your procedure. Take note that you’ll be unable to smoke for another two weeks after your surgery as well, since smoking delays the healing process significantly.

4. Avoid Certain Food

Foods containing high levels of salicylate should be avoided at all costs prior to surgery. This includes fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blackberries, cherries, apricots, prunes, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, pickles and wine. Don’t worry because this is just temporary; you can satisfy your cravings as soon as you have recovered from the surgery.

5. Avoid Certain Herbal Products and Vitamins

You must also keep a wary eye on certain vitamins and herbal products. Echinacea, Gingko biloba, St. John’s Wort, Willow Bark, Vitamin C and Vitamin E should be avoided before your breast augmentation surgery.

6. Avoid Eating or Drinking

Just like any other pre-operation requirements, you must avoid consuming or drinking anything before being wheeled into the OP theatre. Yes, this even includes water.

7. Wear Loose Clothes

If you’re franticly sifting through your wardrobe and unsure about what to wear on your big day, then don’t fret. Loose clothing such as a casual button-down shirt or blouse would suit your needs.

8. Obtain Your Implant Sticker

Every breast implant tags along with its manufacturer’s sticker that has a serial number, size and brand. It’s best that you attain a copy of this sticker for safekeeping, just in case anything goes awry during the procedure.

9.  Obtain Your Manufacturer’s Package Insert

Each implant also comes with its very own manufacturer’s package that contains vital information regarding the risks and precautions needed to be undertaken with regards to the implant. It is crucial you keep this information for future reference.

Thus, with these 9 tips to remember, you’re all set to undergo your breast augmentation surgery.

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