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Upper body liposuction procedure targets unwanted fat in areas such as the back, arms, chin, and neck. Following the procedure, patients experience an improvement in their body contours and boost in self-confidence. Serving the San Diego/Chula Vista area, Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh along with his staff at the Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery Center, aim to help patients achieve their ideal body goals.

People often choose to receive upper body liposuction after they undergo massive weight loss through natural methods or bariatric surgery. Candidates for this procedure want to remove excess fat. Patients who elect to undergo this procedure may want to target excess skin and unwanted fat. Upper body liposuction can address issues concerning the arms, chest, waist and back. In order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of procedure, there are some crucial factors to consider.

First, a patient must be in overall good physical health to receive this procedure. A patient will do better if they do not smoke, as smoking slows down the healing process and increases risks of complications after surgery. If a patient does smoke, they will need to quit a minimum of six weeks before the surgery. In addition, a patient’s weight will need to have been stable for at least six months, with no significant weight changes foreseen.


  • Between/Under the Shoulder Blades
  • Axillary Region
  • Bra Region
  • Posterior Waist (lower, middle region of the back)
  • TChin/Neck liposuction


Upper body liposuction can improve arm regions by targeting the fatty tissue above the triceps muscle as well as on the back of the upper arm. Other treatment locations include the axillary fat pads, as well as the region above the breast where the shoulder meets the armpit.


Patients who undergo an upper body liposuction procedure are placed under general anesthesia in an outpatient facility. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the treatment area and uses a suction machine in conjunction with an instrument called a cannula, to address unwanted fat. For patients who have experienced a more drastic weight loss, the incision that the surgeon performs will typically run from the elbow to the armpit and may extend along part of the upper chest wall towards the patient’s back.


Liposuction recovery is relatively mild. Patients tend to experience bruising and swelling for a few weeks after the operation, but these fade quickly and do not last. Special garments must be worn to minimize swelling and provide support during the healing process. In addition, drains may be required. A form of postoperative pain medication will be prescribed for the days immediately following the operation. Patients should expect the pockets of overly firm and indented skin to smooth out after about six weeks.

After this procedure, patients can enjoy an improved body contour. This procedure is meant to target loose skin and excess fat to help patients reach their ideal aesthetic. The scars from this procedure are relatively minor and can be easily hidden or minimized.

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