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Breast Augmentation: When Is it Time to Work Out?

After San Diego/Chula Vista breast augmentation procedures, many patients are eager to get back to their daily routines and exercise regimen to maintain trim and feminine curves, but just like any other cosmetic procedure there is a necessary recovery period. Most recovery periods vary from one patient to the next. In general, recovery phases may last up to six weeks following surgery, but every San Diego/Chula Vista breast augmentation patient should rest, take it slow, and get their plastic surgeon’s approval before returning to strenuous exercise activities.

Critical Recovery Phase

The first few days after breast augmentation are very important, because this is the time where patients are not allowed to bend over, lift heavy items or strain the upper body. Too much activity within the first week can cause tears in the surgical sites, breast implants can bottom out of the formed breast pocket and bleeding can occur in severe cases.

The only activities breast augmentation patients can return to within the first week of surgery is light walking, because returning to strenuous activity too soon can change the final shape and position of the breast implants.

Healing and the Return

After your breast augmentation procedure, you will likely feel better before your incisions have completely healed. It is very important to stick to your post-operative instructions provided by your cosmetic surgeon; otherwise scar tissue becomes excessive around the implant pocket and lead to surgical repairs.

Not every breast augmentation recovery period is the same, because every patient has a unique body. The activities after the procedure will have a significant impact upon recovery which is why it is important to take things lightly. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, post-surgical recovery may include soreness and swelling for a few weeks, and exercise and full activity can resume after your plastic surgeon clears you to do so. Before you leave your physician’s office be sure to acquire the information needed to take care of your body for the next few weeks and follow their instructions closely to maximize results.

If you are concerned about exercise and strenuous activity after breast augmentation then contact our San Diego/Chula Vista breast augmentation surgeon to schedule a consultation regarding your situation. Most patients are likely to return to full activity after six weeks, but every patient must consult with their physician before resuming running and weight training routines to avoid the risk of complications.

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