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Can High Fiber Diets Assist with Weight Loss before Liposuction?

For many San Diego/Chula Vista clients they feel that liposuction is a last resort procedure to eliminate their problem areas of the tummy, thighs, love handles and back, and they are right! Most of us have considered the likes of liposuction before but we are too afraid to admit it. Although an experienced plastic surgeon will never avoid the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, the procedure has made it possible to achieve safe and effective removal of unwanted fat for men and women around the world.

Plenty of us find it confusing how well a balanced diet and exercise can achieve significant weight loss, especially considering a hefty amount of adults are deemed obese but there is hope in a high fiber diet that replenishes all weight loss efforts – high fiber curbs your appetite. What is confusing about it is how fiber works in abstaining hunger; well a recent study suggests that high fiber makes you less hungry because our body produces a chemical called acetate, also found in vinegar, which changes brain cells that control a person’s hunger.

We do not necessarily mean to go out there and load up on fiber for the rest of your life, but to simply consume the recommended amounts of fiber as part of a nutritious diet. According to research published in Nature Communications, confirms that natural benefits of increasing fiber in a weight loss diet controls the urge to overeat and also develop methods of safely reducing one’s appetite when acetate is applied in the bloodstream.

Researchers studied the effects of acetate released from dietary fiber through consumption of inulin – found in chicory, bananas, sugar beets and cereal bars. Using mice as their subject, researchers found after two months of feeding on a high fat diet with added inulin (not to be confused with the hormone insulin) they ate less and gained less weight than other mice who did not consume inulin. Does this mean that the key to controlled hunger is through digesting vinegar or bananas all day? Not necessarily, but controlled doses of fiber with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help in achieving a dieter’s weight loss goal.

Upon reaching your weight loss goal it is recommended to continue eating healthy and exercising regularly to keep the weight off. Since no single diet and exercise regimen is perfect in body contouring we suggest you schedule a consultation to learn about liposuction in San Diego/Chula Vista. If you plan on adding more fiber into your diet, consult with your physician beforehand to ensure that this is a healthy choice to help your weight loss goal.

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