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Best Chin Implants in La Jolla/San Diego/Chula Vista

Chin implant or augmentation mentoplasty is performed to increase the size of the chin and improve the facial structure as well. A well defined chin helps define and provide a natural balance to the face. Dr. Talebzadeh specializes in facial procedures and is able to customize the chin implant to bring better facial balance.


The chin, like the nose, can make a dramatic difference to your appearance which is why chin augmentation procedure continues to grow in popularity. Chin augmentation is usually recommended for those who want to correct a small chin or a deformity – referred to as microgenia. Chin implants are now considered the most popular treatment method for microgenia.

A small chin can also affect the appearance of the nose and many decide to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure along with their chin augmentation for better proportional results. Combining both procedures provides a more proportionate face, especially when seen in profile because they become the two most significant features.



Genioplasty is another term for chin augmentation; this procedure can be done in two methods, by adding an implant or surgically advancing the bone itself. If choosing an implant, the chin implant will be sized proportionally to your overall facial structure and will then be placed under the lower lip inside the mouth or under the chin. Dr. Talebzadeh can discuss the best option and the best placement for your chin augmentation procedure during the consultation. At times, we combine this procedure with facial liposuction to reduce the “Double Chin” appearance.


Mentoplasty procedure, or commonly known as a chin reduction, is also another option available. This procedure is also done to improve any deformities and to reshape the chin if it is out of proportion to the other facial features. Many patients choose chin reduction to reduce the size of a protruding chin. During this procedure, Dr. Talebzadeh will use an electrical instrument to reduce the size and shape the chin at the same time.


A chin augmentation or chin reduction procedure is considered to have a simpler and faster recovery time than other cosmetic procedures. Patients will be able to resume normal day to day activities usually within a week after surgery. You may have some bruising and swelling, however this will significantly reduce within a few days.


If you want to improve your appearance, a chin augmentation or reduction can help. Contact Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery located in San Diego/Chula Vista to schedule your appointment with cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Talebzadeh today.

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