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Fall for Your Tummy Tuck, Now is the Best Time for A Slim Waist

The much anticipated wait for a slimmer tummy is no more. Men and women interested in getting a tummy tuck can slim down and tighten the abdominals in time for next year’s swimsuit season. Spending long and frustrating hours at the gym and saunas, and replenishing through a strict diet is a year-long process. For many it is a lifelong journey to achieve a flat stomach. Though there is not a replacement for a healthy body through diet and exercise, a tummy tuck will achieve the beautiful midsection you have been craving.

Tummy tuck, known as abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat sagging from your belly. The patient’s core and abdominal muscles become toned and smoother in appearance. Plastic surgeons prefer patients to get their procedure now, to start preparing for next year’s beach body.

Why is Fall The Best Time to Have a Tummy Tuck?

This is the best time of year, because the chilly season allows men and women to cover up and protect their fresh incision lines, bruising and avoids sun damage. Generally, heat and sun during the warmer months of spring and summer do not give the body the comfort it needs to reduce post-operative swelling and scars. Every patient’s body is different and can require more time to recover than usual, and since most companies send their employees off to enjoy the holiday season at the end of the year it allows patients to treat and recover from procedures in the comfort of their home.

Surgery in Fall Over Other Seasons

Most surgeons agree that fall is the best time, because as colder months approach, the body stores calories a lot quicker than warmer seasons. This gives the surgeon more insight to find areas in need of repair. Locating stubborn fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise provides the patient with even more satisfying results.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, tummy tuck procedures may need a few months for swelling to subside and to achieve final results. Numbness and incision lines will need time to fade. This is why surgeons suggest to keep the incision lines concealed and out of direct sunlight.

Trendy Fall Runway Options

Bulky coats, oversized sweater and shirts are not the only thing we can look forward to over winter. The first few weeks the patient should avoid any slim-fit or tight clothing to allow swelling and incisions to heal. Following that, men and women can start exploring their options of slim-waisted or straight fitting bottoms that do not squeeze the midsection. Men and women can follow these options to choose the perfect wardrobe for recovery:

  • Tops and dresses with a wide band, reduces squeezing while slimming waistline
  • Avoid bulky belts or tight elastic, reduces stress on stomach muscles
  • Leave your shirt untucked, elongates the body and covers tummy tuck lines
  • High-waisted, but non-tight fit jeans are okay after three weeks

Tummy tuck during the fall is the best time frame patients can work with to get a flatter stomach. Recovery time varies among patients which may require the long months of winter to allow a full recovery. Bulky and loose clothing hides bandages and incisions early on, but can be substituted for slimmer shaped clothing as the months start warming up. When summer comes around you can shed the layers and show off your new body contour just in time for a new bikini and silky sands.

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