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Fillers or Facelift

Fillers or facelift? Many people are no longer correcting aging with surgery anymore. We are able to achieve our goals with injectable fillers. With these new advances in medicine, fillers and facelifts have advanced on their own. There is good reason to take time in choosing how to age gracefully.

As you may know injecting fillers on brows, cheeks, forehead, jawline etc. can get very expensive at times more than an actual facelift procedure. What you don’t want is to over fill with fillers, which creates an uneven effect on your face as seen in many celebrities on television. You want your face looking younger/youthful without looking overdone.

Various types of dermal fillers are available for patients, which have minor signs of aging and are looking for a temporary improvement that lasts around 4 to 6 months. Facelift is for moderate to severe aging, deep wrinkles and sagging tissue. As well as someone who wants results to last for years and not months.

The key is to know when to do facelift versus Derma fillers.

It’s very important to come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh, for more information and better assistance.

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