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How Eyelid Surgery Can Boost Your Youth

Everyone ages differently. No matter what we do to avoid aging defects we are bound to have our flaws, especially around our eyes. There are many of us who are fed up with always looking tiresome and we continuously fall short of hiding our droopy eyelids with the latest creams and ointments. Fortunately there is a solution to restore our youthful appearance, eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, removes excess skin and fat hiding in the folds around our eyelids that not only make us look older but can lead to dangerous visual obstructions.

With time, natural aging, sun exposure and genetics make their presence known by showing up around the eyelids. Wrinkles, sagging and puffy skin and baggy eyes are all culprits of time, which leave many people worn out and tired when that is not the case. The main goal of eyelid surgery is to restore full function, enhance the patient’s natural appearance and smooth out the skin in the upper half of the face.

The Curse of Drooping Eyelids

Some of you will make the remark that you have been cursed with drooping eyelids, this condition is not a curse that will stay with you forever. As you age, excess skin on your upper or lower eyelids becomes worse, this is called Dermatochalasis. When the entire eyelid region is droopy and covers a large area of the eye, this is a condition known as Ptosis. Some people are  born with these conditions and others develop as a person ages.

Reclaiming Your Youth

Eyelid surgery will help you look as young as you feel. Eyelid surgery results in a natural and refreshing look that leaves no noticeable signs of having work done. Blepharoplasty patients get rid of the sagging upper eyelids that interfere with their vision, so they will no longer have to ask their children to help them read.

This procedure allows others to see the bright glow in your eyes that make you appear years younger. Excessive wrinkles, baggy eyes and tired appearances will no longer be an issue. Results may be subtle, but you will gain self-esteem when you are complemented by how refreshed you look.

If you are ready to reverse those aging signs and restore your youth, schedule your consultation at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery.

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