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How to Avoid Implant Resizing

How to Ensure Satisfaction and Avoid Implant Resizing Surgery

Statistics indicate that the number one reason women return to a plastic surgeon is to change the size of their implants. Results from the National Breast Implant Registry support this. “Explant” procedures increased nearly 10 percent from 2010-2014 as augmentations fell by about 3 percent, per data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In one year, nearly 24,000 women had their implants removed. In the same period, over 55,000 patients had breast revisions.

The ultimate goal of any procedure, of course, is to find a reputable surgeon who can achieve results surpassing the patient’s needs and desires the first time. By the time a woman pursues the route of plastic surgery, she is usually convinced that breast augmentation is the right change for her.

While checklists are essential to ensure the best results, it’s also important to carefully consider—and preemptively address—what could go potentially go wrong to avoid the need for multiple revision surgeries. The right surgeon will discuss the risks and potential complications in detail during the initial consultation, to educate their patients and better determine that the decision they make together is the right one. This usually includes a consultation with a detailed visual representation of what the patient will look like with different breast sizes. If this doesn’t happen, beware: you are risking your body by leaving it in uncertain hands. Communication is vital to achieving the results you desire.

Another component of breast sizing is the significance a patient places on the impact bigger breasts will have on her body and lifestyle. The decision should be no less important than getting a tattoo. It’s just as permanent, as modern implants should last a lifetime barring any complications. If the following considerations are not included in the decision-making process, and not addressed in the consultation, then the patient is most likely not ready to make the commitment of breast augmentation.

What to Consider Before Committing To Breast Implants

Here are some things to consider before getting a breast augmentation, to ensure satisfaction and avoid the need for later resizing:

  • Possible physical repercussions of augmentation: these include back problems, infection, reoperation, and potential dissatisfaction with the end results.
  • Clothing may no longer fit (especially tops, blouses, dresses, and brassieres).
  • The procedure is typically the entire financial responsibility of the patient. If the cost to benefit ratio is not practical, or the patient is anything less than 100% confident that this is the right course, alternative options should be considered.
  • Researchers found that of 745 implant removals, the most commonly cited explanation (34%) was for resizing.
  • Psychologically, prosthetics should be done for the right reasons. No one should ever make a decision like this for anyone else. The benefits of plastic surgery should be for the exclusive benefit of the patient. Otherwise, the chance of asking for a reversal is much higher.

After committing to an augmentation, here are some things to consider before resizing:

  • Breast revision can be challenging, since the patient’s original anatomy has been altered. Many women fear sagging tissue, but most doctors confirm that this is highly unlikely to occur if done properly.
  • Additional complications, such as thinning breast tissue, ruptured implant material, and scar tissue make breast implant revision a complicated procedure requiring exceptional skill and experience.
  • Additional problems with nipple sensation loss, infection, bleeding, and rupture during or following the procedure are rare but possible. This is an added risk for any type of breast surgery.
  • Ask yourself if you need a lift, or are implants and nipple relocation required to perk up aging breasts?

If removal is the desired outcome, a second surgery will simultaneously determine the extent of any damage while correcting the new size. Regardless of the reason for resizing, patients should always have realistic expectations, and understand that reoperation satisfaction rates go down dramatically.

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