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Jump Start the Holidays with a Facelift!

With the upcoming Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Years, many are busy and spending most of their time giving to others. Preparing holiday meals, tidying up their homes for relatives and guests, shopping for gifts, and spending time with their immediate family are just some of the things that mothers have to stress over. Stress as you may or may not know, can do horrible things to us physically and mentally. You may find that stressing over the complicated meal you need to prepare over Thanksgiving is making you tired, old, and deepening the current wrinkles that you already have. Not to worry—there is a little holiday pick-me-up for the ladies feeling a little worn out right before the Holidays.

During the Holidays, it is not uncommon for relatives, friends, and other guests to come over. What this also means, is the urging desire to look our best while serving the best holiday meal or giving out the best Christmas presents. Although makeup can do wonders for many, sometimes it may not be enough. No makeup alone can hide the deep folds or creases on the skin, the dreaded turkey neck, or the sagging eyelids that we may or may not have. Fortunately, a facelift is available for those needing a little facial rejuvenation to look their best for the Holidays.

Running around trying to prepare the meals on time, thoroughly cleaning up the house and attempting to buy the perfect presents for the kids can take up a lot of time. While a traditional facelift can do wonders, a liquid facelift may be a great option for those who feel limited with the amount of extra time they have on hand. Although it sounds high-tech and fancy, it is nothing too extraordinary. Liquid facelifts involves using liquid injectables (e.g. BOTOX®, Dysport®, Restylane®, etc) to iron out wrinkles, fill in the lines, and rejuvenate your face without actually going under the knife. Since there is no down time, mothers needing a little energy boost can enjoy the benefits of a liquid facelift while on a time constraint. It may also be just the perfect thing to get them into the holiday spirit that may have been forgotten with all the planning and shopping.

With the Holidays right around the corner, stress can bring about wrinkles making us look old and worn out. Luckily, Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh over at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery can help give you that needed pick-me-up for the Holidays allowing you to look and feel your best. A little facial rejuvenation may be needed right before Thanksgiving or Christmas as it is not uncommon to spend most of your time giving to others—and forgetting about yourself in the process. Look your best this holiday season with a facelift today!

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