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LED Light Therapy

There are many benefits to LED Light Therapy, which converts light energy into cellular energy for natural, non-invasive skin care treatment. This wavelength penetrates deep into the dermis layer to help stimulate cells and kill acne bacteria.

Blue combined with Red LED Light Therapy are designed to minimize your pores, help heal and significantly reduce acne while eliminating bacteria responsible for causing inflammatory or cystic acne. 20 minutes of Blue Light first enters the glands and single oxygen forms. Single oxygen then kills the acne bacteria. Once the blue light session is complete, we do adjust to Red light for 20 more minutes. This will treat inflammatory acne and aids in the healing process of the skin. It also helps to normalize oily skin, achieving an overall improvement in the skin. This increases the blood circulation to bring more nutrients to the skin surface to help the skin from breaking out.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

  • Minimize pores and eliminate blemishes
  • Improve the appearance of the skin and texture
  • Reduces skin redness

LED Light Therapy treatments can be done once a week for 20 minutes per session, they do vary depending in each individual patient. LED Light Therapy is FDA approved and does not produce any thermal damage or pain. There is no down time, great for adults as well as teenagers. It’s so fast, simple and pain-free, many patients come in during their lunch break.

To learn more about LED Light Therapy, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh.

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