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In today’s spotlight every aging man and woman longs for a more youthful appearance. We go to the retail stores constantly to try the latest and greatest beauty products to hide our visible skin flaws. Though we always find something out of place and head right back to where we started, so instead of using all the facial creams, cleansers and makeup explore better solutions that naturally correct your aging skin. By now we all know the likes of facelifts donned by many high-end celebrities, but you are probably not ready to embrace invasive surgery. Fortunately there are solutions to correct aged skin without incisions and scars.

Botox and Collagen Sweep Away the Wrinkles

The most popular noninvasive cosmetic surgery performed last year in the United States was Botox. Over 6 million injections were performed in the U.S. alone, compared to the invasive facelifts which treated more than 120,000 patients.

Botox is a powerful alternative to the facelift, that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Aging signs become less visible by temporarily freezing facial muscles in the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and mouth. Facial skin is left feeling smooth and wrinkles caused by expressions are remarkably improved.

Collagen is another wrinkle treatment that also improves lip size and shape. Our skin’s collagen is a natural protein that deplenishes as we age, so the appropriate amount of solution can help replenish lost collagen. East Lake’s collagen treatment is utilized with three solutions of Zyderm which can be used to treat thin lines around the mouth and eyes, deep wrinkles and skin folds, and creases around the mouth as well as augmenting lips.

Both solutions are quick and virtually painless procedures when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Restylane Gives a Youthful Shape

Some people may feel uncomfortable about the effects of Botox as an anti-aging treatment, even collagen may seem unfamiliar to them. Another solution to youthful skin can be found in Restylane. This treatment is a natural substance that absorbs in skin tissue, which smoothes scars and damage by filling in facial creases that are unresponsive to creams and makeup.

Improved Enhancement

Depending on the client’s aesthetic goals, Botox and Collagen treatment can be used in conjunction with Restylane. The effects of the combination produce enhanced anti-aging results. Sagging skin, frown lines and shallow crevices can all be corrected in one quick treatment for a long-lasting youthful appearance.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, dermal fillers such as collagen and Restylane provide natural anti-aging results for a smoother facial contour. Botox is one of the most effective wrinkle treatments that erases frown lines, crows feet and unwanted wrinkles from facial expressions. Both treatments, when combined provide enhanced and long-lasting results.

If you feel that your skin has suffered enough then now is the perfect time to take the first step to correct your aging skin. A plastic surgeon is capable of correcting damaged facial features without making incisions and scars. East Lake Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego/Chula Vista utilizes the latest noninvasive techniques to restore youthful skin, leaving you with the natural appearance you have been searching for.

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