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Plastic surgery is a form of surgery that specializes in changing the appearance and function of a patient’s body. For people who wish to improve their appearance, surgical procedures offer patients the opportunity to reshape certain physical features and improve their self-esteem.

Why is a consultation necessary?

Consultations are necessary so you can discuss which procedure you are interested in and learn about the various options that will help you to achieve your goals.

What is the cost of plastic surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery will vary based on the procedure, facility options, and anesthesia preferences. Each patient has unique needs and factors to consider that may affect the overall price of the procedure. Because of these variations, your cost of surgery can only be quoted after your initial consultation.

Will insurance cover my procedure?

Some insurance companies may pay for partial costs depending on your individual insurance plan and if the surgery is to correct a condition that impairs your body’s ability to function properly. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of elective or cosmetic procedures.

It is highly recommended that individuals check with their insurance to determine if procedures are covered. Payment options and additional insurance coverage can be discussed during your initial consultation.

How much time will I need after surgery?

The amount of recovery time required for your procedure will vary depending on the patients and the procedure. Most patients need at least a week or two from work and regular activities after having surgery. After your consultation and once your procedure has been selected, we will be able to give you an approximate recovery length.

It is important that you follow our post-operation instructions as rushing the recovery process or overworking your body after surgery can lead to a slower recovery and possible complications.

How much bruising and swelling will occur? Will it be painful?

The level of discomfort, swelling, and bruising will depend on the patient and procedure involved. During your procedure, you should feel no discomfort or pain due to modern advances in anesthesia. However afterward, it is common for patients to experience muscle soreness and tenderness.

Will there be scars?

Yes, there will be scarring. However, after several months they should fade significantly. As plastic surgeons, we do our best to minimize scarring and hide scars within natural lines and creases, so they are barely noticeable.

For more information of plastic surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today at (619) 216-8000.

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