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Preparing for a breast augmentation

Have you been contemplating getting a breast augmentation? There are many different reasons why a person would be looking into a procedure of this nature including irregularly shaped breasts, uneven breasts, or even having unsatisfying breasts. The first step is to pick a doctor and a facility in which you want to have the procedure done at. For those who live in Southern California, the option of a San Diego/Chula Vista plastic surgeon would be a great pick. After going for your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to give you more customized information regarding the type of procedure you wish to have done. It is important that both you and your surgeon are on the same page before the surgery to ensure a positive outcome, and lower the likelihood of you needing to have another surgery later on the same area.

If you do decide to have a San Diego/Chula Vista breast augmentation, there are some different pieces of information you should know and think about before your procedure. First you need to fully understand what a breast augmentation is so you know what type of procedure to expect. A breast augmentation, also known as a augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure mainly for woman who are unsatisfied with the current size and contouring of their breasts. The procedure is usually done as an outpatient procedure in a surgical facility in which anesthesia is administered. An incision is made and an implant is placed through the incision either directly behind the breast tissue, or underneath the muscle of the chest wall, depending on how you have discussed it with your doctor and what type of results you are looking for.

After the procedure, you will need to have made prior arrangements so that someone is available to drive you home, or to wherever you are staying, as well as someone who can stay with you for the next couple of days. This time is crucial to your healing process because it is when you will have pain medication administered as well as drains that will be directing extra fluid out from the breast area. You will also be experiencing some tightness around the surgical area so you may need someone to help you to normal tasks as well during the day. You should be able to move a little more freely after the first few weeks following your surgery, but you will need to wear a supportive sports bra the entire time, except for when showering, to better progress the healing process. This along with more information will be discussed with you before your procedure but it is a good idea to write any questions you have down so that you make sure you get everything answered by your surgeon.

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