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Questions to Ask Before Having Breast Implant Surgery

Women elect to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, and we understand how deeply personal the decision is and how overwhelming the process and surgery can be. Whether you’re choosing to increase or balance your breast size or compensate for reduced mass after surgery or pregnancy, you probably have quite a few questions. In this blog post, we’re answering four of the most common questions about breast implant surgery to ease your worries and address your concerns.

What is the surgical procedure for breast implants?

Breast implant surgery begins with a consultation with your surgeon to determine if you are the right candidate for surgery as well as what visual and physical changes you would like to see with your augmentation. After your consultation, we will give you specific instructions (like no smoking), so you can best prepare for your breast implant surgery. The breast augmentation procedure involves placing implants under the breast tissue. Before the operation begins, you will be placed under general anesthesia to allow for a pain-free experience, and the whole procedure takes roughly two hours. During this time, your surgeon will make incisions underneath the breasts to minimize scarring.

Your surgeon will then create pockets in the breast tissue for the implants. There are several types of implants to choose from, such as silicone, saline, and gummy bear implants. Your implants will be placed, and if you are using a saline implant, they will be filled to your previously predetermined size and shape. Once the implants are placed, the incisions will be closed and surgery complete.

What is the recovery time for breast augmentation surgery?

After your breast augmentation surgery, you can expect to experience some tightness, soreness, swelling, and even a temporary change in sensitivity in and around your breasts. Immediately following your surgery, we will place several bandages and wrap your chest to ensure your breasts can heal properly. Most patients return to their routine within a few days, allowing them plenty of time to rest and recover from their surgery. Soreness in the breasts and chest region may last for a few weeks depending on your activity level.

In the first few weeks after your surgery, it is essential to wear the compression or sports bra that your doctor recommends. These bras will give your breasts the support they need to help your incisions heal and keep your implants properly placed during the healing process. It is recommended to wear sports bras or compression bras for four to six weeks. It takes time for your breasts to heal and may take up to six months before they are fully healed and you can wear a traditional bra with your new implants.

Does breast surgery leave scarring?

During your breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon will make incisions underneath the breasts, armpits, or around the areolas to place the implants. In your initial consultation, your surgeon will show you precisely where these incisions will be placed. The incisions are made with the utmost care; working to minimize potential scarring after the procedure. Making the incisions below the breast means that when your implants are placed, and your breasts have a larger and fuller shape, your breasts will naturally cover the incisions and any potential scars.

How to prevent scarring?

Over time and with proper care, the scars from your breast augmentation will fade. The incisions are strategically placed during your surgery to maximize healing and minimize their appearance after the surgery. Your surgeon can give you recommendations to help the healing process and reduce your chances of scarring.

Some of the most useful tips for preventing breast augmentation scars that we recommend include:

  • Drinking sufficient fluids
  • Sleeping with your torso elevated on pillows or sleeping in a recliner to decrease swelling
  • Not showing until your doctor gives you the OK (one or two days after surgery)
  • No bathtubs, pools, hot tubs or soaking/sitting in other forms of water for several weeks.
  • Avoid alcohol and other dehydrating substances.

At Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery, we want to provide the best breast augmentation experience before, during, and after your surgery. After helping hundreds of patients achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of, you are in the best of hands with our professional, caring staff. For more information on breast augmentation surgery and post-op care, or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (619) 216-8000.

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