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Reviews What can I say? Dr. T is absolutely AMAZING!! I’ve had a couple of procedures (maybe more) done by him and I’ve loved my results every single time! (very natural-looking results which is what I like) Dr. T makes you feel very comfortable from the minute you walk in. He’s very professional, knowledgeable and he cares for all his patients. I’m officially a lifetime customer of Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery Center! To anyone thinking of having a procedure done here, don’t look any further because Dr.T is hands-down the guy to go to!

Brenda M. 6/30/2021

I had a great experience with Dr. T. I got exactly what I wanted. I followed all of his instructions and got the beat results. I sincerely recommend him. The girls that work with them are really friendly and make you feel welcomed. I’m glad Dr. T was so helpful and listened to what I wanted and worked with me. Ladies! Truly recommene him. Thank you ladies & Dr. T.

Dannyra M. 8/20/2018

Reviews This is my second procedure with Dr. Talebzadeh he and his staff are awesome.  I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and I had my legs done today. The Dr. is very informative and guided me through the procedure which made me comfortable.

Yvonne B. 4/4/2014

Reviews My girl friend had liposuction there with Dr T.  My first impression of the office was very clean, organized and comfortable. Dr T is very comforting and assuring, his staff is very kind and respectful. Her procedure was Friday afternoon. Dr T called us later that same night.  We had a follow up Saturday morning and he gave us a second better fitting girdle and he called us again on Saturday and Sunday night to check on her.  His staff is very nice, Bianeth and Lupe and Jessica and Janet. They were very kind, understanding and caring, by putting protective covers over my car seat and floor board, giving us multiple ice packs and everything we needed to ease my girl friends recovery.  It’s only been 3 days but we are happy with her results and our experience.  Thanks Dr T for everything. You’re da’ BEST!

Silly B. 1/28/2019

Reviews Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery is absolutely the best! I love Dr. T! He is so sweet and caring. He listened to all my concerns I had about my procedure. I was very hesitant to have my breast enlarge worrying if it would look natural or not! I didn’t want my breast to look like they were surgically enhanced. I wanted them to look like I was born with them! Dr. T did not disappoint me! I absolutely love the way I look! I  feel and look great in a bikini! The best decision I made was going to see Dr. T!!

Angelica H. 9/6/2017

Reviews I am extremely satisfied with Eastlake Cosmetic and Dr. T from beginning to end. Procedure 6/2017.

The doctor was always kind, knowledgeable, thorough, and always answered my questions. The office staff was helpful and thorough in their work too. The surgical staff on the day of surgery were professional and kind too.

I followed all the doctor’s directions and I am very satisfied. I highly recommend this doctor and his practice in Eastlake. It is very well-priced and very convenient, especially if you’re in East Chula Vista/South Bay. I had considered surgery in Mexico, but feared the possible dangers of infection, over anesthetization, etc. and decided to go with Dr. T!

I’m very happy with my results and would most definitely go to him if I were seeking other procedures.

Theresa C. 9/21/2017

Reviews I finally got my rhinoplasty with Dr. Talbzadeh, I can’t say that it’s perfect, just much improved (think Rhianna nose job). Dr T cautioned me that he would improve my nose only 30% and he did. Just like my boobs, the results are very subtle and understated, exactly the look I was going for. I still look like myself, just better. Like when you lose 15 pounds and you can see your check bones again, kind of better. Thanks Dr. T! I would say you have a client for life, but I’m going to stop now. Maybe you can give me a face lift or tummy tuck 15 years down the line.

Babe B. 10/5/2016

Reviews Extremely satisfied with the staff and results !! Got my breast augmentation 11/13/16 !! and I am in love with the work I received . Clean , awesome staff , doctor gives you his honest opinion and makes you feel comfortable instead of making you feel like he just wants your money . Btw very affordable!!! Definitely recommend

Eldranique J. 5/19/2018

Reviews I had a breast augmentation in September. My results are amazing! Best $4000 I ever spent. I visited one other surgeon before eastlake and looked into many others. I was blown away by the staffs professionalism and kindness at eastlake. The prices are great, yet you get amazing service and top of the line care. After my experience I wouldn’t even waste my time looking into other surgeons. I would recommend eastlake cosmetics to all of my friends and family.

sara u. 3/19/2013

Reviews I have nothing but great things to say about his place. I originally went in to get a consultation for a breast augmentation about a year and a half ago. The staff was super friendly and helpful and I pretty much felt “right at home” when I got there. I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Talebzadeh from the beginning and he answered all of my questions on sizing and what to expect from the surgery. I tried on a few sizers and finally decided on a size with the look I was going for. I immediately knew I wanted to get my BA done there. Unfortunately. I’m in the military and timing was always off so I never actually got around to getting them done. I finally called back again a year and a half later not expecting them to have my info anymore and to request a new consultation. I had gone to other consults closer to where I lived, but none made me feel as comfortable as I did here. To my surprise they still had my information and even the original quote that they had given me! (I thought it was going to be different since it was from a year and a half ago). I went back to get resized since I had completely forgotten what size I had picked and how I would look with them. I ended up picking a larger size than I was originally planning and scheduled my surgery. A few days later I freaked and opted to go with a smaller size even though they had ordered the other ones already. They let me come and and switch my stuff less than 2 weeks before surgery. I swear I called that place like 50 times with a bunch of questions along the way and they helped me every single time without fail. I’m 3 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier that I chose this place to get my BA. And for the price?! Honestly, you can’t beat it. My only regret is not having them done sooner.

Thanks again to the lovely ladies and Dr. Talebzadeh for making this such a great experience.

Janisel C. 6/8/2015

I had a breast augmentation done 6 months ago and I couldn’t be more happier with my results! I’m 5’2 and I got 500cc silicone. Originally I was going to get 600cc but the day of surgery doctor recommended 500cc since I did not have enough tissue for the bigger cc. I love how the doctor was so honest and let’s you know what size is going to match your body! He made me feel very comfortable. The staff is very friendly loved all the ladies! I was recommended here by a friend who had the same surgery and I loved her results so much had to come for mines. Hope this review helps for the other women!

Stephanie M. 9/27/2018

Reviews I had a BA with Dr. T about 2 years ago and could not be happier that I chose him for my procedure! I went to countless consults where the other surgeons just had me undress and say, “yes, you are a good candidate for a BA.” And had me walk out their door. Unlike all of those other  PS, Dr. T did a full medical history on me, asked exactly what my concerns were, examined me, took measurements and everything! He was thorough from start to finish! Even now 2 years later that I just started seeing him for another procedure I have in mind, he’s still very thorough always asking what I wish to see out of my results and how he can make it happen. Unlike other doctors that try to sell you on other procedures, if you go in there asking for something you probably don’t need, he will tell you that you don’t need it upfront! That’s what I love about him! I recommend Dr. T to anyone interested in a cosmetic procedure. You are in excellent hands!

Kati G. 4/13/2014

Reviews If I could give this Dr and this office more then 5 stars I would.. the staff is absolutely great and the Dr is the best he is very nice and very easy going even my husband who took me to my appointments really liked him..he did a wonderful job thank you Dr T I am soooo very happy with the results even though its only been  a month looks really good.. I will always highly recommend this office

Elizabeth C. 8/23/2016

i recently won the mothers day giveaway and i chose the 2 syringes of restylane. ive never had any cosmetic work done ever but ive been wanting this and the fact i won the giveaway it was just meant to be. i went in and the waiting room is gorgeous. greeted right away by the nicest nurses there. the doctor listened to what i wanted and helped with any suggestions on my lips. he let me know what he was doing and they all made me feel comfortable. i highly recommend coming here. you can tell they really care about there patients.

Jessica M. 5/22/2019

Reviews I love this place!!! I am so happy that I made the decision to get my surgery done here. I recommend Dr. Talebzadeh to anyone who may be interested in getting plastic surgery done!! Especially to anyone who has a lot of questions and is looking for a doctor who will work with you and will really take the time to make sure you will get the exact results you want, who is really honest about his work and what you do and do not need done and exactly what you will get from the results then this is definitely the place to go to!!  

I have so many great things to say about Dr.T and his staff they extremely professional, his office is very clean and welcoming. They made me feel very comfortable about asking any questions that I had in mind, Stephanie is one of the nurses she is the best I called her so much she already recognized my voice every time and she answered every single question I ever had. They’re very informative and let me know exactly what to expect after the surgery so there was never any surprises.

The pricing is great it’s close to the pricing you will get in Mexico, you would be surprised how reasonable they are with their pricing they really can’t be beat. It is affordable and they also offer Care Credit financing so you are able to do monthly payments if that works out better for you!

The day of my surgery Dr. T and his staff made me feel so comfortable they knew how nervous I was and they were all extremely nice and positive and reassuring, they did everything they could to make sure I knew everything was going to turn out great and it really did!! I also have to mention that the anesthesiologist was THE BEST he was so sweet and funny!!

Dr. Talebzadeh and his staff are really amazing. I am 3 weeks post op and I can not even explain how happy I am with my results already. I’m healing so well and not to mention the beautiful work Dr. Talebzadeh did on my incision it’s extremely thin it is already fading away and turning into the color of my skin.

I have nothing but great things to say about eastlake cosmetic surgery and I can’t wait to see my results as they continue to heal. I can’t thank Dr. Talebzadeh for his amazing work and the amazing ladies enough for making this a great experience for me!

Andrea C. 9/23/2015

Reviews It’s been a year since my BA and everything is as it should be! There have been no negative surprises because Dr. T told me what could be expected, so the only down side is that my scars are still fading but my figure is 120% improved. I am so happy with his work 😀

Aileen M. 8/7/2013

Reviews Had my BA 5/28 and im very happy with my results, Dr. Talebzadeh is awesome and makes you feel very comfortable, the staff is so nice and always there to answer any questions i had. There is not one negative thing i can say about my experience here at Eastlake cosmetic surgery. The office is very clean. My surgery went very smooth, the anesthiologist was super sweet, he even called me the next two nights after my surgery just to make sure i was feeling fine.  The girl in the recovery room with me was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, I didn’t get her name and her face is a blurr for obvious reasons. I would and already have recommended people to Dr. Talebzadeh , one of the persons  I recommend ended up going through with a procedure and is also as happy as i am with the overall experience.

V C. 8/11/2016

Reviews Words cannot describe how happy I am with the job Dr. T did and his staff, in particular Alexis!! Through the whole process she ensured that I was prepared with all the information needed and always made me feel like family. I had my breast augmentation about eight months and I love them!!! They feel and look so natural, a lot of my friends got their breasts done either in la jolla or tijuana but I would not go anywhere else besides here. I am planning on getting my nose job later this year and there is no question in my mind of where I am going. Once you make your first appt here you will not go elsewhere .. guaranteed!!:)

Cassandra P. 1/19/2016

Reviews Dr. T was a pleasure to work with!

My experience here was amazing they worked with me fast were very honest about breast augmentation. I had my surgery back in October and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I had some complications due to me being allergic to the stitchings, gladly dr. T and his staff were amazing in being able to see me on short notice and taking me in to get the issue resolved and stitchings replaced.

I am so happy I choose this surgery center and would go back here for any future surgery or cosmetic work. Such a beautiful office nice staff amazing doctor.

They took care of me well! I was skeptical at first since I didn’t see much reviews! But glad I choose them.

If any ladies want to see my results please message me on Instagram @sdbacon_

Susan F. 2/26/2018

Reviews I did my breast augmentation last April and I’m  extremely satisfied with the outcome, Dr Nojan and the Staff are very nice that you can trust, Serving their clients with compassion and highly competent medical practice.

Nikki M. 7/26/2018

Dr. T is amazing! I got my breast done and he made them look so natural and perfect. He was kind and professional and the ladies in the office are the sweetest. Truly the best staff I was never afraid or shy to ask questions because they were so hospitable.

violette i. 12/14/2018

Reviews I have to say my experience over all was and still is amazing great professional customer services great hospitality, great location, place smell good is very clean! The staff is very motivated and young they are on point with information, the Doc took his time and answered everything we asked he was also very informative can’t wait to see the outcome!!

Shareema P. 1/2/2015

Reviews First off let me say that the consultation was amazing and everyone is awesome there! The doctor was so so nice and compassionate and listened to what I thought my issues were with myself then made his opinions which actually made me feel so much better because what I thought were huge problems turned out not being that big. We set up a payment plan that would work for me and I even ended up switching the type of surgery because I wanted to get it done as quickly as I could to just feel better over all. I am a mother of three so my body has been through the ringer lol. Well some unexpected medical issues arose and I had to cancel my surgery all together. I had to let them now what was going on of course and they made the cancellation process so easy. Though I didn’t have surgery here (my aunt and a few friends have and have AMAZING results) I would highly recommend this location just for the caring staff alone. I hope to be done with treatments and get cleared for surgery so I can come back and complete my breast augmentation here. Thank you soo much to the staff here and I hope to see you guys soon!

Sasha S. 10/9/2018

Reviews I recently had my breast implants done. This was the best decision I made, I wish I had done it sooner. My surgery went smooth, and recovery was fairly quick. I was driving on the fourth day after my surgery. I only needed pain meds for the first two days!

I went to a few  offices for consultation but I chose to go here. . The doctor is great and knowledgeable, the staff is very caring and professional. I’m already planning my next surgery at Dr. Talebzadeh’s office, I recommend this doctor to my friends and fam.

Arlene C. 10/6/2017

I absolutely love love love Dr.T and all the staff at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery! Dr.T is a terrific surgeon. I’ve had such a great experience, especially it being my first BA, and super nervous. Dr.T is outstanding! And I’m ver happy. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr.T and all his beautiful staff members.

Larisa A. 3/14/2019

Reviews I had my breast augmentation back in 2013 I’ve never had any surgery ever before. I was a little scared . So far so good. It up lifted my self confidence. I even recommended 3 of my friends there and they have walked again very happy with their surgeries . I recommend Dr. Nojan to anyone. BTY I would be going back for some Botox 🙂

Brooke D. 6/3/2019

I was always self conscious about my very flat cheat and wanted a breast augmentation. After doing my research of the many different surgeons I made the decision that Dr. T was the person for the job. The staff were always very attentive and sweet. Dr. T explained all my options and what he thought was best for my body. I couldn’t have picked a better Dr. for my surgery. I’m extremely happy with my breast and the way everything healed. I always recommend him to everyone that asks about my procedure because I know he does an outstanding job.

Bethsabelt M. 1/8/2019

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