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Should I Replace My Breast Implants for The New Year?

Ladies, we all hear the new year, new me inspirational quotes this month and many of you are considering replacing your breast implants, or concerned about the life of the implants so here we will let you know when it is the right time to replace them. Many women are skeptical about breast augmentation right from the start, and generally all concerns are addressed during consultation with your plastic surgeon. Though we sometimes run into the hundreds of misconceptions online we tend to forget the truth about breast augmentation. Today we will address some concerns about breast health and the need for replacement.

Will Breast Implants Leak?

There have been cases where breast implants rupture or cause a leak, but it is important to remember that recent designs of breast implants are not as fragile as they were in the past. Leaky implants are unpredictable but are rarely experienced. Breast implants are made to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure, even during mammograms which apply up to 50 pounds, so the chance of rupture and leaks are as low as 3 percent.

When Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Many women are led to believe the misconception that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years, due to the manufacturer warranty for most implants. The reality of it is that breast implants last much longer than people believe. There really is no reason to believe that every augmented breasts need multiple surgeries every other year in order to maintain aesthetic results.

The average lifespan of implants does not have any guarantee. Some implants last a lifetime and others have some needs for corrections. FDA reports indicate that about 20 percent of women have their implants repaired or replaced within 10 years of their primary surgery. Their reason for replacement varies, mostly to enhance the look to make the breasts appear natural and youthful.

What Can Be Done to Care for Breasts?

Proper care and maintaining youthfulness of breasts should be part of every woman’s daily habits, whether they have implants or not. From sun exposure to support, every woman needs to follow some simple maintenance habits.

Time and natural aging will cause supportive structures in breasts to lose strength and stretch the skin out. Naturally, breasts will sag due to loss of collagen in skin. To help breasts stay beautiful wear a supportive bra, wear plenty of sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure.

Stay healthy for your breasts. Exercising helps tone and adds definition to your breasts. Though there are no exercises to increase their size naturally, you can help keep your breasts from aging prematurely.

Whether a woman opts for breast augmentation or reconstruction her goals are similar to others: she wants to maintain a feminine appearance, stay natural and proportional, and feel better in clothing.

Women who think it is time for replacement breast implants should do a little homework and understand when it is right to repair their appearance. A secondary breast augmentation is there for those who are unhappy with their breasts and do not need to be replaced often. In your consultation at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery your plastic surgeon will determine your need for breast implant replacement. With the latest medical technology, your breasts can maintain youthfulness and proportion for long-lasting results.

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