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Zyderm is a cosmetic skin care treatment that is injected into your skin to reduce the visibility of facial winkles, facial lines, or to augment lip shape or size. Zyderm is a denser version of another cosmetic skin care injection called Zyplast . Both are made from collagen which is a substance that exists naturally in the body and within skin tissue. Based on your skin condition and location of skin damage, your doctor will inject the form that’s most appropriate.

Lines and wrinkles form when the natural building blocks of your skin-collagen and hyaluronic acid-degrade over time. The collagen in Zyderm is derived from cows, therefore sensitivity testing for allergies is required in advance of treatment. The dermal fillers CosmoDerm or Cymetra are also collagen, however, they are human-based and thus do not require skin sensitivity testing.

Zyderm comes in 3 different formulations which differ according to structure and density of the collagen injection. Zyderm I is the least dense skin care treatment; it is used to treat delicate regions of the face, including thin lines around the eyes and around the mouth. Zyderm II is more concentrated and is used for deeper wrinkles, furrows between the eyebrows, and folds that extend around the edge of the mouth. Zyplast is the thickest version and is dense enough to treat facial folds, deep creases around the mouth and augment your lips.

One injection of Zyderm can improve the appearance of wrinkles, creases, and pock marks and folds near your mouth. This filling effect is different from Botox which acts to freeze muscles that cause facial folds and wrinkles. Using a fine needle, collagen is injected at several points along the edge of the area to be treated. Your doctor may slightly overfill the area as the solution contains salt water that will be quickly absorbed by your body. Since collagen is a natural substance that occurs in your body, it will be re-absorbed over time. To maintain your new look repeat injections will be necessary.

Among the reported side effects are injection related effects such as temporary swelling, stinging, burning sensation, redness, bruising and tenderness at the location of the injection. If you are looking for a product with a track record, Zyderm has a long history of successful usage. Alternative facial fillers such as Restylane and Artefill have distinct advantages over Zyderm-including greater durability and reduced instances of allergic reaction.

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