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Tips to Avoid Looking Like Santa This Christmas

The holidays are filled with the joys of fun, laughter and food. Weight gain is experienced the most at this time of year for many of our patients, and we cannot blame them. We will address today some of the healthier choices for your body following liposuction.

After addressing the stubborn fat cells we want you to be able to enjoy a proportionally smoother and slimmer contour. We would much rather you plan on living a healthy lifestyle, because there is no substitute for making healthier choices, with as minimal risk to obesity as possible. To help avoid the health disasters that can stem from obesity, here are some simple tips to healthier eating this holiday season.

Fill Up on Healthy Choices Before the Main Event

Prepare your own meal of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins at home. Filling up before the big dinner forces you to control your cravings and avoids any risk to overeating. By only allowing yourself to smaller and healthier portions is a simple task to uphold.

Only Add Bites, Not Full Plates

For the savory flavors of Thanksgiving and Christmas that you cannot be without, curb your cravings with a spoonful portion. The average person eats over 3,000 calories in one meal on Thanksgiving, and for some they consume that amount on just one plate. If you know that you cannot control yourself then skip the samples and head straight for the salad and fruit.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy eating is all about balance. People can still enjoy their favorite foods, but they must moderate and limit their portion per meal. Their experts suggest to consume them less often, eat smaller amounts, and try low-calorie substitutes. Staying consistently healthy in eating choices is the key.

Make Your Own Dish and Share with Everyone

Those who are close to you will understand the lifestyle you have chosen to remain slim during the holidays. Instead of forcing the hosts to make you a separate non-fat meal, try your hand in making your own healthy entrée. Thousands of low-fat and sugarless recipes are online, such as:

  • Roasted turkey breast
  • Green bean casserole
  • Thin-sliced pork tenderloin
  • Tomato couscous

Don’t let your urges get the best of you this holiday season. Put your hunger to bed this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don’t punish your body with fattening foods and unnatural sugars. Follow a holiday eating plan that helps celebrate your body. Be generous and share your healthy choices with loved ones by making your own healthy dish. Give yourself the upper hand to help maintain a slimmer and proportional body contour by eating whole foods and low-fattening meals, Santa will keep guessing how you did it.

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