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What Is Cosmetic Surgery? What Is Plastic Surgery?

There are a multiple amount of surgeries that mankind encounters. Depending on the situation of what needs to be done is up to the doctor and the patient to decide. When people hear the word surgery they think of two things, it is for appearance enhancement or for reconstruction. What is the difference and why is it important to know? The difference is that cosmetic surgery improves aesthetic appearance and plastic surgery aims to reconstruct or improve damaged body parts. Others can describe the surgeries as non-essential surgery (cosmetic) to improve appearance and essential surgery (plastic) to correct appearance and function after injury or illness. Millions of people undergo surgery for various reasons, depending on the service needed for each patient is what sets apart cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons are board certified surgeons, each have their specialty procedures which they practice and frequently perform. Most plastic surgeons go into practice for their own private clinics and centers, mostly serving the public for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Talebzadeh is a cosmetic surgeon tained by Harvard Medical School and UC San Francisco. His technique and precision improves the looks of patients without any recognizable effects.

According to New Plastic Surgery Information, cosmetic surgery helps achieve the look we desire. It opens doors to people who felt uncomfortable to partake in physical activities. Cosmetic procedures make people feel healthier and better capable of doing something that their body did not allow them to do before. The emotional benefit is what has the most effect on people as they finally feel comfortable in their body.

What types of plastic surgery can help my body function?

Plastic surgery can help millions improve their life safely. Each surgery is different and is designed specifically to fit the individual.

Knee replacement or hip replacement surgery allow patients to maintain their mobility without pain and discomfort.

After severe trauma to the head, rhinoplasty can surgically repair deformities for a regular and natural looking nose. The procedure is even beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic breathing issues.

Breast reduction allows women to find relief from excessive weight of large breasts. The uncomfortable weight will be reduced and allow the back and midsection to comfortably carry the body’s weight without pain or stress. It also allows women to do more demanding physical activities in the gym and work areas.

What cosmetic surgery does for me?

In this current era of physical appearance everyone who is not a model or celebrity with a perfect body wishes to have an appearance that reflects those they see in public. Slender figures and youthful looking faces are everywhere in advertisements, TV shows and films, the public cannot help but want to achieve the look of a celebrity.

Liposuction, breast augmentation, facial reconstruction are readily available to anyone healthy enough for surgery. With the knowledge and precision of a plastic surgeon, the appearance can be improved to the patient’s desires.

People who feel uncomfortable with their appearance can benefit from cosmetic surgery if their reasoning is sufficient. Patients with realistic expectations know that the purpose of surgery is to improve their appearance, not to make their body look like someone else. After surgery is complete their mindset changes, self-confidence is restored and they achieve a greater quality of life.

Why are both necessary?

These procedures make it easier for people to live with satisfaction and comfort. Tummy tucks, liposuction and other cosmetics can turn patients into leading healthier lifestyles. While plastic surgeries improve capabilities of individuals and make living easier.

If you are interested in knowing what cosmetic surgery can do for you, visit Dr. Talebzadeh and find out what you can do to achieve an improved, natural appearance. Cosmetic procedures enhance the body’s appearance, while plastic surgery reconstruct dysfunctional or damaged body issues. Determine which procedure is right for you at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego/Chula Vista.

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