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Where Do We Show Our Age the Most?

Getting older is inevitable. However, while there are no magical eternal youth potions you can take to keep you looking younger, there are certain things that you can do to try and help your aging body look vibrant and youthful.

But first, it is helpful if you know the parts of the body that tend to show our age the most. We will walk you through your body—from head to toe—where the body tends to show strong signs of our aging process.

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Your Hair

Starting with the top of your head and not necessarily attached to your body, your hair tends to show your age early. For those that have premature grey hair or have excessive thinning, it can often make you appear older than you are. Luckily, hair color can be easily changed to help hide away any greys and there are several things that you can do to help with thinning hair (including vitamin supplements and hair treatment products).

Your Eyes

It’s not the eyes themselves, really, but rather the area around the eye, including the eyelids, the area to the side of the eye and underneath the eye. From smile lines, crow’s feet, loose skin underneath the eyes (“bags”) and droopy eyelids, these can all be where we carry signs of our aging the most. From BOTOX® to eyelid surgery, thankfully there are several cosmetic procedures available to help you reverse some of these aging effects and retain a more youthful look.

Your Face

The face, including the forehead and cheeks can be another area that we tend to show our age the most. Our skin loses its elasticity and we begin to have wrinkled, loose and droopy skin. However, despite being where we tend to show our age the most, the face is also where modern medicine has helped to bring you a number of cosmetic treatments to help you address the natural aging process of the face, including Zyderm Collagen injections and face lifts. Additionally, the face is where we often show age spots and damage from the sun. Chemical peels are a great facial cosmetic procedure to help reduce the appearance of these age indicators and restore a youthful glow.

Your Neck

Similar to the face, the neck is another area that some people can show their age. Again, as we get older, our skin becomes loose and begins to sag. The neck area, in particular, is prone to saggy skin. You begin to lose the contouring of the jawline and shape of the neck. Among the most popular options for cosmetic surgery in San Diego/Chula Vista is a neck lift. A neck lift is a great way to remove and tighten any loose skin that may have developed around the neck.


Between aging and child bearing, for women it doesn’t take much for the signs of our age to begin to show on the breasts. Where the breasts may have been firm and perky, these natural life events certainly take their toll on the breasts. A breast augmentation or a breast lift (or a combination of these two procedures) are the most common fixes for sagging breasts with the option to determine if you wish to alter the size of your breasts as well.


This might seem like a funny place where your age can show, but the elbow is actually a place on the body that can be an instant tell. Like many of the other body parts discussed above, the skin around the elbow can begin to lose its firmness. Additionally, it can become a place on the body that dries out and leaves with dark, cracked elbows. Sun exposure, smoking, dehydration and stress are all contributing factors, so while there may be little to do in this area, there are some things within your control that you can change (or alter now) to prevent these symptoms.

Your Hands

The aging process also can show through our hands. In fact, it is believed that the hands are usually the most common body part to show aging. The major reason for this is due to sun damage. As you get older, the appearance of sun spots and the general effects of sun on the skin will begin to show on the hands. This is why a daily regimen of applying sunscreen during the day and moisturizing cream at night will go a long way as you get older.

Your Backside

As with your breasts, your butt will also begin to let the effects of aging and gravity show. Unless you are very intentional in your exercises to do activity that works to develop the glutes, the muscles can begin to deteriorate and the skin around your butt will begin to sag. While non-surgical options are available (read: squats and lunges!), you can opt for a butt lift procedure that can help bring a firm, youthful look to your behind!

Your Legs

The legs can also be a sign of aging, particularly if you develop varicose veins (also known as spider veins). As you get older, your skin gets thinner and the appearance of varicose veins may be more obvious. While usually benign, varicose veins are blue in color and bulge from just below the surface of the skin. There are some cosmetic procedures that can help reduce or even eliminate the appearance of varicose veins.

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