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Breast Implant Placement: Above or Below the Muscle Tissue

There is no right answer to this question.  Each body is different and the decision should be discussed at length with your surgeon.  The ultimate placement of the breast implant will depend primarily on the four factors below:

1.Breast implant type
2.Breast implant size
4.Body Type

Breast shape and appearance is a function of how, and where, the implants are positioned in relation to the muscles.

Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh at Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery will personally meet with you during your first consultation to understand your objectives and desired appearance.  Once he has a full understanding of your goals and your health, he will make a recommendation and provide support for his decision for above or below muscle tissue implant placement.

Breast Implant Placement Above the Muscle Tissue

Doctors commonly refer to this procedure as ‘Sub-glandular’ placement.  Advantages of this procedure are as follows:

1.This methodology accommodates larger implants.
2.Implants can be positioned in closer proximity, which provides for a deeper cleavage appearance.
3.Implants are less likely to become distorted during contraction of chest muscles.

Breast Implant Placement Below The Muscle Tissue

Doctors commonly refer to this procedure as ‘Submuscular’ placement.  Advantages of this procedure are as follows:
1.Skin around the breast area will retain its elasticity as the muscle assists the placement of the implants.
2.This procedure lends itself to a natural look as the muscle and soft breast tissue both cover the general area.
3.Rippling (superficial skin waviness) will be less obvious with a submuscular procedure when compared to a subglandular procedure.

Silicone implants will yield best results when there is a significant amount of breast tissue and the implant can be positioned above the muscle tissue.

In the event a patient has small breasts and has a small amount of breast tissue, the doctor will likely recommend below the muscle tissue placement with saline implants.Both silicone and saline breast implants are great options.  Information about both of these options is detailed on the Eastlake Cosmetic Surgery website.  Your best course of action is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Talebzadeh.  He will recommend the best implants and placement for your body and your goals.

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